El Salvador El Barrancon


Single Origin – Medium Roast

Origin: El Salvador

Santa Rosa, San Ignacio, Chalatenango


El Barrancon



Altitude: 1600 masl
Proc. Method:

Washed December–March

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Jose Matias Hernandez owns two farms, where he grows a few different varieties, primarily Pacamara, Bourbon, and Pacas. He produces Washed and Honey process coffees, and he employs an interesting three-tier raised-bed drying system: He picks and depulps the coffee the same day, then ferments the coffee dry for about 28–30 hours before washing it, or transfers it straight to the beds for Honey process. It is then moved to the drying tiers: It spends 4 days on the lowest level, 5–6 days on the middle level, and 5 days in full sun on the top. It’s moved roughly every 15 minutes for the duration, to maintain evenness.

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