What you’ll need

AeroPress Filter
Brewing Vessel
Water off the boil


There are many ways to brew an AeroPress. We like the Inverted Method. To do this, separate your AeroPress into its three pieces – plunger, brew chamber, and basket. Place the plunger no more than a quarter of an inch inside the brew chamber, on the end closest to the number 4. The AeroPress should be resting on the plunger, with the brew chamber on top, and the numbers upside down. Place an AeroPress filter into the basket. Rinse the filter, brew chamber, and brewing vessel with water just off the boil (about 205°F). This will eliminate any paper flavor, ensure a clean brew chamber, and heat up your brewing vessel.


Measure and grind 19g of whole bean coffee (one rounded AeroPress spoonful or 2½ tablespoons). Grind your beans on the finer side of medium. Because the AeroPress is great for on-the-go brewing, we like to use the Hario Ceramic Slim Coffee Mill to grind our beans, but any burr grinder will work. Add coffee grounds to the brew chamber.


Start the timer and add about 270g of water just off the boil (about 205°F). Saturate all the grounds within 10 seconds, stirring with a spoon or the included AeroPress stirrer. The brew chamber should be filled about to the top, past the number 1 (remember the chamber is upside down). Let the AeroPress sit.


Once the timer reaches 1:15, place the basket with filter onto the brew chamber (filter down), twisting the basket clockwise to lock it into the place. Flip the AeroPress over onto your brewing vessel and slowly plunge the plunger down until you hear it hiss. This process should end around 2:00. Remove the basket and push the plunger the remaining way down to empty the grounds from the brew chamber. Take the AeroPress apart and rinse it for your next brew. Enjoy!